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    Leacheng Apparel Co.,Ltd established in 1999, has grown into a worldwide leader for apparel and accessory exports. The Group has built a rich supply chain base including fully owned, joint partnership, and long-term CM facilities under contract to support production demands. These facilities are in Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, and Henan provinces in China; as well as additional manufacturing locations throughout Southeast Asian. Overall, the manufacturing supply chain currently supports 80 million pieces annually. While focused on the US market, Leacheng Group has expanded into both Canada and Europe markets at this time. Our mission is to provide expert service to our global customers through: * International supply chain management * Research & development in fiber/yarn, fabric, printing and machinery technologies * Product development of new proto and presentation samples * Skilled global merchandising and account management teams * Export/import specialists in both Asia and USA

  • Service purpose

    Tab customer demands
    Realize customer demands
    Create customer demands

  • Enterprise Spirits

    Honesty, rigorousness, fighting and innovation

  • Operation concept

    Honesty, cooperation and win-win

  • Development History

    USA Lida Textile Co., Ltd. Suzhou Office
    Establishment of it own factory
    Establishment of Xinyi Company
    Establishment of Leacheng & HK Company
    Establishment of the Group&Shanghai Liqian
    Establishment of LEACHENG INTL., INC.
    Establishment of Lixin E-commerce

    Our advantage

  • Research and development capabilities: Research and development capabilities: seize international market, provide high-quality service and achieve product innovation
    The company has a very professional R&D team, in order to better grasp the international market dynamics, strengthen the initiative in the control of the international market, and provide customers with quality services. We have established independent R&D institutes with customers whose sales in the United States are more than tens of millions of US dollars, and have transformed the front-end work of product R&D, design and process research into domestic market to provide popular information report and design guidance for customer and internal training. Meanwhile, based on strong material and accessory development and supply capacity, and professional and complete technical proofing staff, it can immediately achieve deep refinement of design and product innovation as well as product upgrading.
  • Our own factory:Owned facilities: adoption of intelligent production technologyclothing
    Our factories in Xinyi, Zaozhuang, Foshan and Henan have over 1500 production workers with annual output of more than 20 million standard pieces. The modern production management mode uses GSD garment process analysis system, DPA video action analysis software and RFID on-site management software, combined with the use of automatic cutting beds, seam hanging line and rear whole hanging systems to revolutionize labor efficiency and improve product quality.
  • Global Industry Chain


    Leacheng Group has built strong manufacturing partnerships worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia and Africa.  In 2017, the rollout of the electronic SCM system, all processes of quotation, planning, procurement, production and delivery are  seamlessly linked throughout the supply chain for real-time information sharing.  

    Leacheng has adopted a global vision to manufacturing.

    It gives our customers a wide range of options for manufacturing their products. We are working with the best, most reliable offshore manufacturers who are fully compliant.

    To ensure that all our products meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, we are opening offices in Cambodia and Vietnam to accommodate our growing teams there.

    The Global Sourcing Team working on growing our manufacturing bases to include Myanmar and Africa by the end of 2018

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